things to do

how to spend your time alone

- Go out for a walk

- Make a cup of tea or coffee and read a good book

- Try cooking a new dish

- Watch your favorite movies and tv shows

- Organize your home

- Clean out your closet

- Try a new workout on youtube

- Write down things you are grateful for

- Learn a new language

- Do a face mask and paint your nails

- Research something you want to learn more about

- Create a new playlist

- Fix your resume

- Create a budget

- Meal plan and go grocery shopping - that will save you both time and money

- Call a friend or family member

- Try a new makeup look

- Do laundry

- Go to pinterest and search for new outfit ideas

- Make yourself a nice brunch with all the things you like

- Order take out

- Explore your neighborhood

- Drink lots of water

- Go to bed in time and get your 8 hours of sleep



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