Äntligen december, helt klart bästa månaden på hela året. För finns det någonting bättre och mysigare än julstämning?
As cheesy as it may sound, it's the most wonderful time of the year <3

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Fill your wardrobe with cozy knits
Open your window and let the crisp air in
Buy lots of scented candles
Go for a long walk
Make a pumpkin pie
Go for a fun weekend getaway
Celebrate halloween

Read a nice book
Snuggle by the fire
Watch a scary movie when it's halloween
Visit a street fair
Make your home really cozy
Carve a pumkin
Drink tea when you're cold

Make hot chocolate with wipped cream and marshmallows
Make a "thankful for" list
Take a lot of pictures of the beautiful nature
Go through your summer clothes
Watch a new TV show
Make an applepie
Enjoy this fall



Louis Vuitton pochette metis

​Hade inte tackat nej till denna fina väskan just nu
Wouldn't mind having this gorgeous bag in my wardrobe



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